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BlueBorealis wrote:
SDS wrote:
My buddy just purchased the Green/Gray 2019 Ranger VX1888WT listed for $43,999 on their website for 33k. They also threw in travel cover and winter cover.

I’m not a scientist but I’d say that’s a decent deal if you were looking for Aluminum boats.

SDS Congratulations to your friend on his new boat. That does sound like a really great deal.
I am actually starting to get overwhelmed with trying to find my dream boat. Which I hope will last the rest of my life. I'm not sure if to jump on something now or wait until Spring.
I do have a perfectly working 2002 Crestliner 1650 that I fish out of and usually keep it going up until the week of Christmas fishing ports out of Waukegan, Milwaukee and Bender Park WI.
But I am wanting something newer, more deeper and bigger. I will keep searching and saving and hope the best opportunity will be found at the right time.
Also Ukie1 or anyone else. I am not familiar with Fiberglass boats and what the benefits or pros and cons compared to Aluminum boats. Any advice would be appreciated.

And thanks to all for all of your posts and advice.

I hope you all stay safe and are enjoying life and catching lots of fish.


If money isn’t a factor I’d definitely be looking at fiberglass boats as pointed out by Storm Warning. They ride better and sit different in the water.

Given your original details looking for a new/newer boat for 30k is why I mentioned Aluminum.

If your looking to keep it forever certainly take your time and physically look at and sit in a variety of boats to find the layout that best suits your fishing needs.

Who decides reason?

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