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Post Posted: 05:03pm - Nov 19,18 
Water Low - Low Current - Water Temp 38.8°F

Sorry for the late report - but not much to report. Started at snatch - wind was ripping out of snatch which made it hard to keep on the breaks for a jig drift, kept pushing me over to south shore when I really wanted to stay on north deep break. Went to pretty much to the far downstream end of the snatch and started pulling cranks up making S turns up and down. Got 2 right away in 13 FOW coming up break - went all the way down to the far bend without another bite. Jigged back down to the open of the snatch without another bite. Decided not to stay since I wanted to cover ground on this trip. Hit some gravel creek mouths looking for walleye but only found huge concentrations of asian carp up shallow.

Headed up to Hennepin bridge and worked it up with cranks and down with jigs. Got one on a jig in 13FOW - was noon so decided to pull up and launch at SR and go to 39. Thought of hitting Peru but had to be home before 5pm so picked maximum fishing time.

Went to 39 bridge and pulled and jigged up and down and got a 5" baby sauger. Went up to lovers leap looking for walleye. They only had 1 wicket open barely pumping any water so not much current and very low water.

Left at 4pm

A few boats at Snatch - was slow for everyone there. More boats at Hennepin, most were getting white bass up shallow but otherwise slow. No boats at 39/SR



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Post Posted: 08:48pm - Nov 19,18 
Thanks for the report Rat as soon as I get a couple more perch trips in and have my Christmas fish frozen I want to come down and try for some sauger.Did you try any of the deep water spots, with that water temp they might start dropping down into the holes.


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Post Posted: 06:18pm - Nov 20,18 
Thanks for the report. Sounds like you covered some water.

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