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I'm thinking of fishing the Colombia Woods area for pike on Saturday. I've never fished the Colombia Woods area nor have I ever fished for pike. I'm thinking of trying to walk down the railroad tracks to access the river as far away from the parking lot as possible to get away from the stretch that probably gets fished a lot. How is the stretch from Willow Springs Road down to Kingery Highway for pike? Any info you can give me about this area or pike fishing in general would be much appreciated. Or if there are any other areas better for pike somewhat nearby to Colombia Woods, any info on that would also be much appreciated.


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Conner first and foremost be careful of that area! a lot of weirdos,that being said you can walk the tracks to the creek and follow that to the river and fish the point and mouth of the creek, I have caught bass and pike with a walleye or two in the mix on good days. this area believe it or not gets a lot of pressure but try the log jams and debris piles along the way. try live bait like golden roaches or cast spinner baits. other access point is the madison st. launch in burr ridge. (also has a warm water discharge there) good luck and let us know how you do.

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