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Post Posted: 06:14pm - Jun 23,21 
The much needed rain should happen this weekend. BUT not what we got Sunday with the tornado. I am just 2 blocks south of 75th Street in Naperville and really only saw rain and wind, Sunday night. But only (maybe) a block south the tornado ripped through uprooting trees and laying them against houses in the glens subdivision. It is amazing to see how surgical it was taking trees in its path but then those homes two doors away in much, much better shape. The huge tree on the corner of Bailey and Nape Blvd was broken in half like a match stick. Unbelievable.
We would like the rain but in a more gentle way, please.


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Post Posted: 03:58pm - Jun 24,21 
Glad you escaped unscathed, Chuck. Scary stuff!

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