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Post Posted: 04:58am - Nov 20,21 
Just a friendly reminder to wear a harness while hunting. Years ago I didn’t because I was young and stupid. I was hunting Thursday before gun season in my hang on stand with no problems. Then Friday of gun season I was in the stand for 5 hours when the material in the ratchet straps broke.

I fell a few feet but my safety harness saved me from falling to the ground. I’ll take a sore shoulder and knee compared to the alternative. Stay safe!



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Post Posted: 06:57am - Nov 20,21 
I climbed towers for 20years, .
Did you know you have only about 5 minutes before you will die hanging in a harness?
If you do wear one better have have dam good plan on how to get yourself down if you do fall into one.
And I think you learned more importantly to change your straps every year and when you are in the stand just put a second strap on that you know Is new.

If its brown it's down! If it flys shoot it! And if it smells like fish EAT it!!

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