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Post Posted: 10:07pm - Dec 23,21 
Hunted Silver Springs for the 2nd time this year,good fun.
1rst time 6 guys flushed 12 birds plus for a morning hunt.took my dog,an Aussiedoodle pup.1 year old.Did not know what the heck was going on but had a great time,not gun shy.6 for 12,would have been better if not for the leash on my gun hand.
2nd time-only 2 of us,no dog.Needs more training,all good. Many Flyovers,Partner flushed 3 but it was not our day,oh well.Burned a lot of calories,found birds and had enjoyed-



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Post Posted: 09:45am - Dec 24,21 
Sounds like you had a Awesome time



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Post Posted: 11:03am - Dec 25,21 
DON'T leave the pup at home. This is a critical time in it's development. So what if he busts a few birds. Having said that, it is important that he will come when called (recall), so he doesn't bust birds for other hunters. (well not too many anyway) Good luck with the pup. Bob M.

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