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Sorry for a late report but thought I would post a quick report of my outdoor excursions in December. A couple pheasant hunts and a bonus couple deep sea fishings.

With the year starting to wind down and just being sick of working I decided to play a but of hooky on December 13th and sneak away and get a solo pheasant hunt in. I really didn't want to let my wife know I as going hunted so kind of sneaked out early and headed to Silver Springs with a permit in hand. Nice morning so mainly I was just going for a walk by myself and maybe see or shoot a bird or two. Made it there just in time for the safety talk and headed out to Zone 1. Being solo and no dog, I really wasn't expecting much. Picked one of the long fence rows and saw one a coyote's mouth about 25 yards from me. Walking back of course a hen gets up right in front of me but flies right to the road for no shot. Head to area 5 and walk by the road knowing that guys don't like to work their dogs too close to the road. Only kicked up one hen and missed with both shots. Tough shot though since I was in some thick stuff and tough to swing the gun. When I checked out around 11:30 it looked like a lot of "0' and "1" on the checkout sheet.

Saturday my buddies (who arent really hunters) and I headed to Deer Creek hunt club in Three Oaks, MI. My buddy had won a silent auction last year for a hunt and dinner and we decided to do our annual pheasant hunt there this year. They hunt once a year as more of a guys trip. I normally don't expect much out of these trips other than the guys hanging out. I'll tell you that Three Oaks is a first class operation. Everyone there was super nice and since my buddies silent auction included everything i was also able to try out really nice Beretta over under. That may have been costly because now I'm looking at a new gun.

Anyway, we hunted a Sorghum field behind the lodge that had really great cover. Dogs worked great and I'd say we say 35 birds and harvested 23. Every strip of cover seem to have at least one pheasant and they were big birds too. Only a couple small ones that seem to be a different color phase (white and dark brown). Birds held really well too. I hunt a fair amount of put and take like this and it see a lot of runners. Not here, we didn't have one runner out of all of them. Really fun hunt and probably be getting out there again this year with some buddies. If you go with 4 guys it really isn't the bad either.

Not really related to hunting but also headed down to Puerto Vallarta for our annual Christmas trip. Was able to get out to do a bit of deep sea fishing. While the Marlin, sailfish and Dorado were a bit too far out than I wanted to go (have to do a minimum 12 hour trip) we stayed in the bay. Made it out twice, once with my brother and father and a second time with my father in law, brother in law and Nephew. Each time we managed 3 yellow tail jacks weighing anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds. Great fighters and a lot of fun. All the meat was donated to an orphanage we work with down there. Tough to come home from the warm weather but being down there for 10 days with a 1 and 3 year old is tough even in a 2 bedroom place.

Hopefully get some scouting for deer in over the next month or so and pull the 20 or so cameras I have left up. If I'm lucky I can get another couple pheasant hunts in as well. Other than that, most of my hunting equipment is done for the year. Fun season as always!!

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