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I'm researching this every way I can. Not trying to internet scout - I don't think the Chain is a top secret locale, and I'm not looking for GPS coordinates on anyone's super secret duck factory hole. :lol: Just hoping folks on this board can at least tell me, "yes, you're on the right track" or "forget it...wasting your time."

Have a chance to use a friend's summer place as a base of operations on the Chain, and the wife and I are also considering a place for some summer fun w/the kids. So, this is a medium to long term play for me hopefully. May not play out this coming season at all. I don't even have a boat at this point, but if I have a regular spot, I would consider getting one.

I know you can attend the blind lottery. I know you can occupy an empty blind within half an hour of shooting time. And I know broadly you can hunt from a boat blind. That said:

-Are the empty blind situations cordial, or do guys find people tend to forget the manners their parents taught (or didn't teach) them in the pre-dawn scrum (assume this is a weekday, for argument sake and not the first cold Saturday).

-Is the boat blind legit? Like, did your scouting, have an idea of where you want to go, it's a safe distance from a permanent and another boat blind.

-Can you hunt from shore with owner's permission? I assume not.

-Any other thoughts folks have.


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There is always at least one open blind after the first two weekends of the season, and you will pretty much have pick of which ever blind you want during the week save for the few die-hards that are out every day. I've never had a blind builder come up after 30mins before shooting to cause issue. I did have a blind builder come out nearly exactly at the 30 min mark one morning, but he only asked if he could join us and did not try and run us out. We didn't see any birds, but he sure did have some awesome stories/wisdom.

Using a boat blind will work as long as you scout, and have a few back-up plans. There have been quite a few days where I end up at plan C or D because someone else got up and out earlier than me. I just don't like waiting for 3+hours in the dark.

As far as shooting from shore, it will depend on how close the neighbors' dwellings are and if you are in a municipality that prohibits the discharge of a firearm. You need permission if you are shooting within 100yds of an occupied dwelling, but I always try to get permission or at least notify dwellings within 200yds of my private spots. This is more respect for my landowners and their neighbors than it is to gain permission.

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