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Post Posted: 09:53pm - Dec 5,14 
I have been sticking with hunting geese in the fields this year, but I made it out to the chain last weekend and had some success hunting divers with long lines.

I know Fox Lake was mainly frozen as well as the State Park. Does anyone know if Marie is still open?

Any help is appreciated. I was hoping to get out a few times the next week or two with this warm spell.

Good luck on the last few weeks of the season.



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Post Posted: 08:00am - Dec 6,14 
Marie usually stays open a little longer with all the current and that but I haven't been by there In a good week or so. If you or anybody else would have an extra spot In their boat I'd really like to get out and try hunting the chain before I make the investment buying a boat and decoys. So far I've only been hunting corn fields for geese, but I really want to try the chain for ducks. Let me know...I can pay for gas or whatever helps.

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