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Post Posted: 02:09pm - Dec 1,14 
We are looking to book a goose hunt for Sept/Oct 2015 in Saskatchewan. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/recommendations regarding outfitters to use. Thanks for your help.



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Go do it yourself. It really is easy. The farmers up there hate ducks and geese, and love americans. This year for the first time we took an 0tter stealth 1200 I won at a DU dinner, and we hunted potholes, flooded timber in the afternoons and it was fantastic. Easy limits for 2. and a mixed bag, mallards, teal, redheads, ringnecks, gadwalls, widgeon, blue bills, and pintails. Field hunting the mornings for mallards and geese. Lots of open room up there. Dont go with more than 4 people unless you plan on hunting more than one group at atime. And get a GPS with canada maps or you aint gonna find your fields in the morning. Good Luck. Best shoots of my life have been in canada. Where else can you call a flock of 50 snows and blues into all canada decoys. Ducks try and land on decoys. And don't buy expense shell for the ducks. Actually next year all im gonna shhot is 2 3/4 shells or my 20 for ducks. Yes they come that close....

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