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18th Annual "Cabela's Outdoors Spring Blitz"

Tournament date is Saturday June 7, 2014
Weather Date is Sunday June 8, 2014
The Captain's Meeting will be Friday June 6, 2014 at 7:00pm (CST) at the Indiana Harbor Yacht Club.
The awards ceremony will commence following weigh-in at the Indiana Harbor Yacht Club.
The fishing times are 5:30AM(CST) (Shotgun Start) lines in.
All boats must weigh-in and be in line no later than 1:30pm CST
The contest is considered official if a minimum of three (3) hours are fished. Prizes will be awarded based on points accumulated during the official fishing period.
There shall be no fishing by tournament contestants except during tournament hours. Nor shall a boat registered in the tournament leave the harbor for any reason except during official fishing period.
All boats must be equipped with a VHF marine radio in working order.

Random Cooler Inspection between 4:00am-5:00am CST.

Entry fee is $150 per Member boat and $175 per Non-Member boat.
All Entry Fee's may be paid at the Captains meeting.

Winners will be determined by a total accumulation of points based on:
Ten (10) points per legal fish weighed, plus:
One Point per Ounce.
The team accumulating the highest number of points will be the winner, followed by the team with the next highest accumulation, etc.

First place pays $2,000 based on (30 boats participating).
The Tournament will pay down to 7TH place.
1st Place $2000.00
2nd Place $1000.00
3rd Place $500.00
4th Place $400.00
5th Place $300.00
6th Place $175.00
7th Place $125.00

The tournament committee will finalize and post the payout schedule prior to the start of the tournament. Additional prizes may be awarded.

Entry fee is $50. Payout will be 1st Place 50%, 2nd Place 30% and 3rd Place 20% of Entry Fees Collected.

Entry fee is $100. The fish must be marked with a zip tie through the mouth to be entered. No Exceptions.
First place will receive 70% of the pot and second place will receive 30% of the pot.

Entry fee is $100. 2 Teams will use there combined point total. First place will receive 70% of the pot and second place will receive 30% of the pot.

All boats must depart from East Chicago Marina
All DNR state laws and regulations apply while fishing within that states jurisdiction.
A Maximum number of rods fishing at any time is nine (9). Fishing means "lines in the water". one (1) slider per rod will be allowed. maximum 2 baits per rod.
A maximum of (10) Salmon and/or Trout may be included for the fishing period. NO LAKE TROUT ALLOWED!!
DNR rules apply to the waters being fished. Fish may be released in accordance with DNR rules. This means that that you can release a fish when it's first caught and cannot exchange a fish from the cooler for a larger fish, as returning a dead fish to the water would be a violation of the DNR rules.
Minimum size for all species is 14" inches.
ALL Boats must Troll for fish (NO Casting or Anchoring)

The tournament committee will use channel 68 to start the fishing period. No lines in the water until the Start is announced at 5:30am CST.(Shot Gun Start)
All boats must proceed to the weigh-in station with or without fish and be in line no later than 1:30pm (CST) If you arrive later then 1:30pm(CST) you will be disqualified

At least one crew member will transport the cooler and stay with the catch until it is officially scored.
You can weigh only 10 fish and your cooler must have no more than 10 fish at the weigh station. If you have more than 10 fish in the cooler, you will be disqualified.
Bagged ice may be used in the coolers at all times.
All fish may be tested for time in possession. The tournament committee may retain any fish for any reason.

The Tournament Committee will provide a flag. The flag shall be flown on the boats radio antenna in full view from all directions from the start of the fishing period to the conclusion of the weigh-in.

A 3 person rules committee will resolve disputes. Their decision will be final and binding.
Protests must be presented to the Tournament Committee in writing on the day of the infraction by 3:00 PM (CST)

The Tournament Committee may cancel the tournament, when in their opinion; conditions could be dangerous to persons and/or property. The committee will announce their determination of a delayed start or cancellation before the fishing period.
After fishing has begun, an announcement will be made on Channel 68 if cancellation or curtailment is imminent. A minimum of 15 minutes of notice will be given prior to early termination of a fishing period. If a fishing period is shortened, Each team has 1 hour to return to the weigh-in site after the cancellation Time.

Disqualification for any reason will result in the forfeiture of all entry fees and official side pots.
Failure to comply with any rules listed will result in disqualification.
Failure to proceed directly to weigh-in station will result in disqualification.
If you arrive at the weigh-in station with more than 10 fish in your cooler you will be disqualified.
Any fish taken in violation of DNR rules will disqualify your catch.
Running gunnel to gunnel or passing item and/or items from boat to boat will result in disqualification. However, a tournament boat may stop to assist a vessel in distress if the tournament committee is given prior notice via marine radio on channel 68.

All participants MUST monitor Channel 68 at all times. Important tournament information will be broadcast on this channel. Please restrict communication to vital tournament communication only. Participants who miss these announcements will still be held liable.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change any of these rules and/or post changes up to 45 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.

The Tournament Committee and the Rules Committee will be appointed prior to the Captain's Meeting. These committees will act as prescribed in accordance with these Official Rules.
The tournament committee will finalize and post the payout schedule prior to the start of the tournament. Additional prizes may be awarded.

a. All reasonable precautions will be taken by the Tournament Committee to protect persons and property during the tournament. Neither the Tournament Committee,Rules Committee,officers and/or directors of Salmon Unlimited of Indiana Club, or sponsors can not or will not be responsible for the safety of persons for accident,theft,damage by fire,vandalism, or any other cause for loss to a contestants property.
b. Participants understand and agree to hold harmless the aforementioned groups and individuals from liability,damage as may be incurred from participation in the tournament.
To Enter Contact John Warren OR SIGN UP @



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Post Posted: 05:08pm - May 8,14 
Fishungandhuntingusa has donated a $300.00 bonus for the big fish of the tournament. We hope you are able to join us. To register I can be contacted with any questions at home 219-374-6011 or cell 815-641-0276 after 3:00 pm.



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Post Posted: 06:31pm - May 28,14 
Thank you to Cabela's for their continued sponsorship of cash and prizes to the tournament. Early registration would be appreciated . All entry fees will be accepted at the Captains Meeting .

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