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Well, actually another old member but new poster. I just moved out of Illinois to LaPorte, IN to escape Madigan's taxes. I inspect buildings for USPS and just inherited the whole states of Minnesota & Iowa to add to my Wisconsin & Illinois work areas. I’ll be on the road to each of these states three weeks/year. In the past I've spent a week walleye fishing every year but most in either Canada, Lake Erie or Wisconsin spring runs. Not very good at any of these. ☺️ So as a result of my travels I picked up a used 10’ folding Porta-Bote on Craigslist I can bring with me on my 4Runner cargo rack. Never had a boat before. I need to buy a motor, seems like a ~6 HP would get me 15 mph, but less if my wife is along. She is kinda tiny 97#, but I’m kinda big 225# so combined boat speed likely limited to 10 mph max? Know nothing about motors but reading up on line. Anyway I am quite overwhelmed trying to learn about new fishing options with this huge geographical area and small boat. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm thinking some of the Lake Michigan tributaries would be good to try with this setup. Not far from Trail Creek & St. Joe River. Thanks.

Zim from LaPorte, IN

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