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Post Posted: 11:58am - Aug 29,21 
Our sixth and final club tournament had 11 boats participating. Fishing seems to be turning around and we had 8 boats weigh in 10 fish. Doctor’s Orders had an impressive catch today weighing in 116.5 pounds for a 1st place finish. This was followed by Fish N Crew with 82.8 pounds to keep them in first place for the year. Ruggs was in 3rd to keep him the rookie boat of the year. Smokin’ Fish only had 2 people in the boat and weighed in 10 fish and had a 5th place finish good job.

Coho was the fish of the day called by Doctor’s Orders the tournament boat and they were pretty tough to catch. It was a Steelhead Day out there and most of those fish were caught anywhere between 150’ and 210’ of water. There were a lot of Kings in the 75’ to 110’ water column and mostly 2 and 3-year-olds were caught. South of Winthrop Harbor is where the heavier catches of Lake Trout and a few nice Kings were caught. For good Steelhead action just go straight out of the harbor and turn left or right. It has been a spoon bite for the most part on 8 colors of lead all the way down to 350’ of copper.

Congratulations to the top 3 boats this year.

2021 Boat of the Year - Fish N Crew - Captain Greg Williamson
2nd Place - Follow Me - Captain Kevin Massard
3rd Place - DoJigger - Captain Dave Malo

Big fish of the year is a 26.2 lb. King caught by Fish N Crew on 8/7/21.

Top Rookie Boat - Ruggs - Captain Steve Ruggiero

The winners for the tournament:

1st Place – Doctor’s Orders, Capt. Jim Maechtle, 116.5 Lbs. for 231.5 Pts. 55.00
2nd Place – Fish N Crew, Capt. Greg Williamson, 82.8 Lbs. for 197.5 Pts. $33.00
3rd Place – Ruggs, Capt. Steve Ruggiero, 64.4 Lbs. for 184.4 Pts. $22.00

Big Fish of the Tournament, 25.4 King, Doctor’s Orders, Capt. Jim Maechtle $110.00

Big Target Fish, 8.2 Coho, Bad Medicine, Capt. Chris Derue $44.00

Big 3, 54.8 Lbs. Doctor’s Orders, Capt. Jim Maechtle $300.00. Sponsored by: Thermalcraft Inc., Ron Vallas, Bill Meier, Ameriplate and Leader Sales.

Top Rookie Boat, 184.4 Pts. Ruggs, Capt. Steve Ruggiero

10th Place Reel Therapy $100.00 Gas Certificate Sponsored by Skipper Buds

Thanks to all who helped put these tournaments together:
All of the tournament boats. Kevin Massard for telling us what kind of fish we caught. Bob Conidi for feeding us. Everyone who help set up and clean up the area.
A special thanks to those who have contributed to the prizes: Big 3 - Thermalcraft Inc., Ron Vallas, Bill Meier, Ameriplate and Leader Sales. Small boat prize - Dave Malo and Skipper Buds for the $100.00 gift certificates. Our great club and the board members for covering the rest of the expenses.

Sorry if I missed any names.

Looking forward to next year.



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